About Us

Having correct and accurate information is an essential aspect of the choice of health care facilities in every state. However, most people do not usually have the kind of information they require to make the best decisions for their medical treatment or that of their family members. However, we can all contribute to better decision making through the provision of such information. You may ask how or how does this benefit you as a citizen?
You never know when you may require certain specialist health care services and need to decide on the most qualified specialist for the job. By contributing to the pool of information on such resources, every citizen stands to benefit as they can refer to materials provided by other people. Also, the availability of such data in the public domain ensures that practitioners and other health care workers remain accountable for their actions. That contributes to better health care services for all.
As a citizen, you may start a blog where people can share their experiences in different health care facilities in your state. In the beginning, you may be the only writer, but with time, you may employ other people to assist. Citizens may also send in resources from their personal experiences as guest writers from time to time.
Analyst or Consultant
You can specialize in analyzing the quality of services and the fees charged from different hospitals and clinics and making them available in the public domain. That can be done from visits to these facilities or research carried out to determine the same. You may also offer your services as a consultant when it comes to the choice of practitioner for a specific medical procedure.
A fully-fledged website that avails information to the citizens can be launched. The website can rank hospitals, clinics, and practitioners based on their level of education, experience, quality of services, fees charged, complaints from clients, the cleanliness and quality of facilities, among other things. This ranking can be done through constant surveys on the health sectors.
Running campaigns
If you are in the marketing field, you may run constant campaigns creating awareness for the need to keep health care providers accountable. That will help them in ensuring that they give their best services to all clients and therefore improve the general standards of the sector.
Improvements in the health sector can be achieved through collective responsibility. We owe the current future generations the chance to be treated by the best doctors, in the best facilities, and at a reasonable fee.